Join us This Summer

We've had too much fun this year - and even though Season One has ended, there's more exciting theater in Tucson to be had.

The S&S is proud to offer you two exciting shows this summer.


Best enjoyed by scoundrels & scamps 5+

Runs May 18th-June 3rd

An original work by acclaimed physical theatre creators Wolfe Bowart and Matt Walley, artists in residence at The Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre.

An affable carnival sideshow performer discovers that sometimes life's obstacles are self-imposed ... and solutions to problems can appear in strange and humorous places.

A comic glimpse into the quirky world of the carnival sideshow alley.

Not intended for mature audiences. 

Lovers: Part One

Best enjoyed by scoundrels ages 14+

Runs June 28th-July 8th.

1967 Ireland. Two teenagers from a rural Irish town meet on a hilltop to study for their exams and discuss their unplanned pregnancy. The couple grapples with the influences of family, religion, cultural expectation, and volatile teenage feelings.

Joe is practical and studious but still unprepared for adulthood. Maggie is wild and funny, full of optimism, but visibly anxious about her impending motherhood.

One of Brian Friel’s lesser-known works, this wistful and funny play carries the audience along like a river, and leaves us stunned with a heart-wrenching ending.

Directed by Holly Griffith.