Why We Tell Stories

We’ve talked a lot about what we are doing at the Scoundrel & Scamp.  Today I want to talk about why.  

In our society today, we are enamored with the distractions of glamor, of spectacle. We glance and swipe, tap to react—emotional palette pre-determined—and move on.  What was it we just experienced?

Our access to possibility is endless.  We are overwhelmed in an ever-expanding universe of ideas—and overwhelmed, our ability to think clearly, to take action, is diminishing.  We are prone to becoming immobilized.

We don’t want you to be immobilized.

The reason The Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre is here is to offer an alternative way to experience the world, one that isn’t afraid to slow time down.  

Our stories will ask for your evening—and in return, we offer perspectives that will immerse your heart and challenge the mind, leaving you with experiences that will last far beyond your time with us.  

Story grows our capacity to expand and deepen understanding, compassion, the essence of our humanity. We want to explore with you how we are all connected—all of us—through our tragic flaws and our beauty. From this depth, we want you to be moved.

--Elizabeth Falcón
September 9, 2017

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