Awareness Through Movement is one way of experiencing the Feldenkrais Method in action. This Method is a functional, holistic approach to finding ease in movements - from daily to athletic. It is about curiosity, intelligent use of our whole selves, and expanding our choices for how we move through the world - all important tools for performers, and for life! 

The Method was developed by Moshé Feldenkrais, who drew on his training as a physicist,  engineer, and Judo master in developing this approach to healthier function, movement, and self-awareness. It has been practiced by yogis, athletes, musicians, dancers, actors, physical therapists, and people from many other backgrounds. People who also find the method beneficial include those who stand or sit for much of each day, have ongoing physical challenges, or simply want to enhance their lives in the ways listed above.


Michelle Milne is a director, performer, writer, and Feldenkrais practitioner who trained in NYC, San Diego, and Berkeley, and has been teaching Awareness Through Movement (Feldenkrais) lessons and workshops since 2011. Feel free to contact her at with any questions.

Feldenkrais Workshop 

Intro to Awareness Through Movement for Actors / Performers  

(and anyone else who wants to feel good, move more easily, and expand their sense of what is possible)

In this workshop, we will explore finding more ease and presence in movement, voice, and self. Some of the benefits you may experience:

  • access to more of your self (to bring to your work and to your life)
  • easier stage (and life) presence
  • wider access to expressive possibilities
  • more ease, flexibility, balance, stability, and efficiency of movement 
  • increased energy and focus, reduced pain and stress, better sleep

Slots are limited, so sign up soon!

** Dress in non-restrictive, comfortable clothing (no thick seams, belts, etc). Bring layers of clothing (and socks), as many people fluctuate in temperature during these lessons. 

** Bring a small blanket or thick mat (ideally more cushioned and wider than a yoga mat), and a towel or two for comfort. 

If you know what you’re doing, you can do what you want.” 

— Moshé Feldenkrais