Join us for a Late Night cabaret experience - sixty minutes of the best variety that Tucson has to offer!

Explore the many skills and talents the artists of our community possess in this unique experience to 4th Avenue and the Tucson Community. Acting! Song! Dance! Standup! The Physical. The Metaphysical! …and Puppetry!

Now something completely different for your Friday night.

The first Late Night with Scoundrels will be held on September 13th at 10:30pm. Tickets available at the door.

Calling All Performing Artists!

The S&S is looking for local talent for a new variety show, late-night cabaret! Applications are accepted July 30 - August 16.


Applications are accepted July 30 through August 16.
Successful Applications will be notified on or before August 23rd.
Please hold the evening September 9th open as a dry run (8pm start time).

Performance will be on September 13 at 10:30pm.

The Scoundrel and Scamp will accept applications of all performance styles such as acting, dance, vocal, instrumental, standup, physical, metaphysical, puppetry etc. Both elegant and edgy are welcome!

Late Night With Scoundrels will be a casual event, held in ‘The Riquito”, The Scoundrel and Scamp studio space. Food and drink will be offered.

Late Night With Scoundrels is an 18+ event with a $6 cover charge.

Applications for entry will open for two weeks the month prior and will need to include a short video of the performance and the $10 application fee.

We wish this to be an enjoyable experience for all adults. While we are open to most performance styles including Adult Comedy & Burlesque, we do not allow nudity or excessive vulgarity on our stage.

Each application is for a 5 minute “Entry”. Please submit with this application a video of your act. You may apply for multiple entries to a single night. You may request to have no more than (2) entries back to back. Each entry requires its own submission and application fee.

Important Note: Due to limited slots we will not be able to accept all who apply. Whether or not your application is accepted there are no refunds for application fees.