2018-2019: SEASON TWo

The Scoundrel & Scamp is pleased to share with you not one, but two new exciting seasons which will take us on journeys from Lorca's magical hills of Spain, to baseball games of yesteryear, to Hades and back, Irish pubs, to edge of the imagination, and to death's door and beyond.

'18-'19 Season for Scoundrels

The S&S Season for Scoundrels contains immersive, intelligent work that will engage and transform its audiences. The Season for Scoundrels is best enjoyed by adults and young people aged 14+.

'18-'19 Season for Scamps

The S&S Season for Scamps is designed to capture the imagination of all ages, whether you are 5 or 105, with works of visual and physical theater by world-renowned artists and playwrights. 


2017-2018: Season One

Ever since its opening in September of 2017, The Scoundrel & Scamp has immersed, challenged and invigorated our community in theatrical works ranging from classics to new. We provide a space where local artists and cross-generational audiences alike explore deep and provocative questions regarding self, tribe, life, death and what it ultimately means to be human. We strive to cultivate the next generation of theatre artists through collaboration, imagination, inquiry, and training.


Mainstage Season

We raised our opening night curtain in October of 2017, bringing a compelling season to a cross-generational audience in our newly renovated theatre.  We showcased such diverse characters including seductive spirits, power hungry princesses, even a heroic Bart Simpson.

Studio Season

In November of 2017, the 17-18 Studio series first presented raw, minimalist theater in an intimate setting in our small 30 seat studio space. In our first season we presented two studio shows that pushed the conventions of theatre in a fully immersive experiences.

Summer Season

In Summer of 2018 The S&S extended its season to include two more shows.  We showcased the work of our Artists-in-Residence, Wolfe Bowart and Matt Walley, with their creation OAF, and shared a "breathtaking" performance of Friel's Lovers.