2019-2020 Season

Season of Enchantment



  1. a feeling of great pleasure; delight.

  2. .the state of being under a spell; magic.

Unexpected flights and crash landings...
A mysterious prince and a princess with no gravity...
Letters lost from their owners and time standing still…
The mystery behind mathematics and music...

Welcome to the magic, mystery, and enchantment of our third season.

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The Little Prince

October 17-November 3, 2019

“One only truly sees with the heart; what is essential is invisible to the eyes.”

An aviator crashes her plane into the Sahara desert and encounters a mysterious little prince from a distant planet. The two strangers, each far from home, share adventures and become friends. A new ensemble-based, physical theatre adaptation of the beloved classic story for children and grown ups who can remember that they were children once.

adapted from the novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Directed by Holly Griffith

Cloud Tectonics

November 21-December 8, 2019

“What better way to understand a mystery than to fall in love with it?”

On a rainy night in Los Angeles, a man picks up a pregnant hitchhiker to help her find her way home and time suddenly stops. Realism and magical realism collide in Rivera’s dreamlike world where two souls unexpectedly cross paths.

By José Rivera
Directed by Bryan Rafael Falcón

The Light Princess

February 6-23, 2020

“A princess needs to find her ground so goodness can prevail, everyone needs something they can call their fairy tale.”

In this musical adapted from George MacDonald’s fairy tale, a king and queen are desperate to have a child. They turn to a witch for a solution, but “there is always a price.” Their daughter is born without gravity and must find it before her 16th birthday or else... Wise men, witches, princes all attempt to come to the rescue. This enchanting musical comedy is a Valentine for the whole family, appropriate for Scoundrels and Scamps alike.

Book by Lila Rose Kaplan, Music by Mike Pettry
Directed by Michelle Milne

Ada and The Engine

March 26-April 12, 2020

"Forget this world and all its troubles and if possible its multitudinous Charlatans--everything in short but the Enchantress of Numbers."

Ada Byron Lovelace is the woman you didn’t know to thank for our digital age. Although her dear friend Charles Babbage conceived the first “analytical engine” or proto-computer, she wrote and published the first program for it, an algorithm designed to be carried out by a machine. As she comes of age with a stern mother and in the shadow of a scandalous father, we see her brilliance in conflict with 19th century conventions. Genius knows no gender.

By Lauren Gunderson
Directed by Bryan Rafael Falcón

Letter’s End

May 15-May 31, 2020

“Entrancing … an elegiac vision of life and love.”  --Adelaide Advertiser

Wolfe Bowart (Cloud Soup, U.S. Premiere) triumphantly returns to the S&S stage with his unique solo physical comedy. On his inspiration for Letter’s End, Bowart says “I’ve always been interested in memory – how at times it tumbles out like Fibber McGee’s closet and other times seems elusive, stuffed away in an old package in the attic. The story begins with a man inhabiting a slightly off-kilter dead letter office, but then becomes something altogether unexpected. Ultimately a wondrous and poignant journey down a most magical memory lane, where mops sneeze and storks swoop in bearing gifts and trees grow out of shoes, Bowart’s performance inspired Canberra critic Wendy Brazil to remark “you will be mesmerized … he will make you laugh, he will make you sigh, and and you will be enchanted by his every move.”

By Wolfe Bowart