Sponsorships for 2019-20

We are so excited to bring Tucson high-quality, immersive theater, but we cannot do it without your help.  The price of admission covers less than half of what it costs to produce the play. 

Browse the list of available sponsorships below, and click on the button when you know whom or which production you wish to support.


Sponsor our Full Season

$5000 (1 available)

Sponsor our Scamp Season

$3000 (1 available)

Production Sponsors

$1500 per production (5 available)

  • The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

  • Cloud Tectonics By José Rivera

  • The Light Princess Book by Lila Rose Kaplan, Music by Mike Pettry

  • Ada and the Engine By Lauren Gunderson

  • Letter’s End By Wolfe Bowart

Director & Music Director Sponsorships

$1000 per production (6 available)

  • Holly Griffith for The Little Prince

  • Felíz Torralba for The Little Prince (Music)

  • Bryan Rafael Falcón for Cloud Tectonics

  • Michelle Milne for The Light Princess

  • Lisa Otay for The Light Princess (Music)

  • Bryan Rafael Falcón for Ada and the Engine

Sponsor a Field Trip for Students

$500 supports each trip.

  • The Little Prince (looking for support for seven field trips)

  • Cloud Tectonics (looking for support for five field trips)

  • Letter’s End (looking for support for four field trips)

Actor Sponsorships

Support an actor in their role in an S&S production. ($500 to sponsor an actor, $1000 to sponsor an actor in a one-person show).

In The Little Prince
Kathleen Cannon as The Aviator
Gabriella De Brequet as Ensemble
Gretchen Wirges as Ensemble
Julia Balestracci as Ensemble
Lance Guzman as Ensemble
Ryuto Adamson as Ensemble
Rafael Acuña as Ensemble
Nicole DelPrete as Ensemble
Cole Potwardowski as Ensemble

  In Cloud Tectonics
Azúl Galindo as Celestina Del Sol
Marc David Pinate as Aníbal de la Luna
Cole Potwardowski as Nelson

 In Letter’s End
Wolfe Bowart as the Performer

In The Light Princess
David Gunther as The King
Melissa Aguirre as The Queen
Grace Otto as The Princess
Aubrey King as The Prince
Julia Balestracci as The Witch
Katie Burke as Wise Person One
Nicole DelPrete as Wise Person Two
Adrian Encinas as Man of Black Diamond
Jeffrey Baden as Man of Silver
Danny Fapp as Man of Stone

In Ada and the Engine
Claire De La Vergne as Ada
John Keeney as Charles Babbage
India Osborne as Lady Annabella Byron / Mary Sommerville
Sean Patrick as Lord Lovelace /Lord Byron


Have an artist or production you wish to support? We'd love hear from you.