The Magic of THEater &
The Theater of Magic

Illusion, Prestidigitation, Sleight of hand & the Magic of theater.

Who: Students ages 9-13

When: The course takes place over 9 Saturdays,
10:45-11:45 a.m. September 22 - November 17, 2018*

Cost: $180, all materials included.

Instructor: Wolfe Bowart

Theater itself is magical. We enter a room and ask the storytellers to transport us to Ariel's  Island, Hamlet’s castle or any other world, near or far. Lights direct our attention - conceal and illuminate. Music and sound effects set a mood. Sets, props and costume all play a deceptively supporting role in the story that is told.

And then there is stage illusion. Where things disappear and float or multiply. Impossible things happen right before your eyes.

Now you see it now you don’t!
Rabbits from hats? That’s old hat.
Houdini? You-dini that’s who!
Is that a quarter in you ear? Oops - nope - yuck.

In The Magic of Theater & The Theater of Magic we will explore more than just how magic tricks are done. Through classic sleight of hand and illusions we will learn the principles of magic, of prestidigitation, misdirection, forcing, timing...and other big words. 

Renowned theater artist Wolfe Bowart has entranced audiences of all ages and cultures in countries around the world with his original productions - see samples of his magical performances here. Wolfe will share his experience and knowledge with our Scamps in this class. He will help them explore ways to craft a performance that goes beyond Ta-Da moments.

And, of course, participants will be sworn to the secrets of how the magic is done.

Skills students will develop during this course:

    • A knowledge of illusion and sleight-of-hand tricks
    • The comedy and stage craft of magic performance
    • How to weave compelling stories to engage and entrance an audience
    • An understanding of theater/magic terms and technologies

    Please read The Scoundrel & Scamp Class Policy prior to registration.


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