The Scoundrel & SCamp Theatre

The Scoundrel & Scamp is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


The Scoundrel and Scamp Theatre seeks to create a space in which local artists and audience of all ages can explore deep and provocative questions regarding self, tribe, life, death and what it ultimately means to be human.

We seek to accomplish this by

  • Offering our community an annual season of high quality, challenging theatrical works ranging from classics to new;

  • Providing youth with classes, mentorship and performance opportunities through which we will cultivate the next generation of Tucson theatre artists, with emphasis on collaboration, imagination, inquiry, and training;

  • Renovating, maintaining, and making available an affordable, quality performance space to the local artist community, with particular emphasis on work relevant to Tucson and the Southwest.

Community Needs & Remedies

Sharing Experience & Worldviews

Coming out of election season in 2016, we began to see cultural narratives at war with each other. Given the current turn that technology has taken, it is easy for us to fall into a siloed experiences within the confines of social media.  Within our siloes, it has become more difficult to find, let alone have real conversations with, people with whom we disagree. We aim to bring our local community together to share story as experience, and within that experience, share differing perspectives and worldviews. Specifically, we want to go out of our way to cultivate theater participants who might not otherwise participate by identifying and removing the points of friction that prevent them from attending.

Youth Opportunity

In the interviews and school visits that we have done, we have identified the need for the extension of existing youth theater programs in local high schools.  Many local high schools are doing wonderful work, yet they often have more students than they can accommodate, and with only 1-2 performance opportunities per year. Our goal is to augment these school programs by offering additional opportunities in the form of workshop, mentorship, and training so that these youth can experience the full range of what it means to be a theater artist. With each opportunity offered, we wish to cultivate a community in which youth can explore and express expansive ideas with peers, audiences, and fellow artists as full participants in the broader community conversation.

The Roadmap Ahead

Year 1 Projects: Renovation & Programming

  • Renovate the ZUZI! Theater and studio spaces

  • Establish Annual Season of Plays

  • Establish Storyteller Series for the Young At Heart

    • Free program for all ages

    • Performance + Audience Participation

  • Establish Saturday Workshops for Youth

  • Support the Development and Production of new works

  • Provide a home for ZUZI! Dance, an organization with similar mission and values

Year 2 Projects: Partnerships & Diversity

Maintain all of the above, plus...

  • Establish Company of Scamps (advanced youth theater artist group)

  • Grow youth mentorship programs in partnership with local high schools

  • Develop partnerships with folklife, environmental and other arts organizations to enrich and enhance our programming

  • Increase the diversity of voices within our programming to better represent the voices of Tucson and the Southwest

Year 3 Projects: Education Outreach

Maintain all of the above, plus...

  • Develop year-round programming for youth

  • Connect local artists with local schools

  • Deliver programming and content to local schools

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